Monday, June 23, 2008

Europe Part 4: Budapest

Well, now that I have spent some time getting to know the city, I am very impressed. Budapest is filled with rich history - and is attempting to emerge from a rough past.

Saturday I relaxed a little bit, and then walked the Castle Hill district. At night I wanted to experience the nightlife, so I headed over to "Liszt Ferenc", a region with a number of bars/lounges. Most appeared to be closing, so it was then off to an island that has a number of clubs. I was recommended to go to Bed & Beach - and let me tell you, (again) I wish we had parties like this! There is no drama, just people having a lot of fun dancing away. Notice in the picture to the left that the sun is rising! :)

Sunday was a great day of walking and experiencing a lot of the city. I went to the House of Terror, then over to St Stephens Basilica (walked to the top), then to Gellert Hill, which I walked up! It was a lot of walking!! The image to the right is a statue representing Soviet liberty - when the Soviets freed the Hungarians after WWII. Unfortunately, they instituted the AVH, which led to some hard years.

I then walked down Gellert Hill, and across to Castle Hill. The image on the left is at the top of castle hill, on the south side. All I can say is - viewing the city from these hills was just amazing (see below)!

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