Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't Stop Believin'

If you follow tech news, you might have read that there was an internet video circulating with some tech people in north cyprus lip-syncing Journeys "Don't Stop Believin'" in one take. Tons of articles out there talk about how ridiculous it is that these execs are partying it up in cyprus while "rome burns" back home. This article is probably the worst headline grabber: "Silicon Valley lip-synchs while market burns".

Come on. PLEASE. It's some friends, who happen to be techies, on vacation. That's it!!

I think Matt Maroon says it best:
Then, as if having fun on vacation wasn’t rude enough, they topped it off by making a video that nobody who wasn’t in it could possibly ever give a shit about of everyone lip syncing to a Don’t Stop Believing.
Here it is:

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