Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Truth about Running - drink like New Years Eve is a Weekly Event

Here is an article talking about how the "latest and greatest" running shoes have little (nothing?) to do with performance, and your risk of injury will remain the same.  

Dr Daniel Lieberman, professor of biological anthropology at Harvard University, has been studying the growing injury crisis in the developed world for some time and has come to a startling conclusion: 'A lot of foot and knee injuries currently plaguing us are caused by people running with shoes that actually make our feet weak, cause us to over-pronate (ankle rotation) and give us knee problems. 

And here is a strange quote:

If anything, the injury rates have actually ebbed up since the Seventies - Achilles tendon blowouts have seen a ten per cent increase. (It's not only shoes that can create the problem: research in Hawaii found runners who stretched before exercise were 33 per cent more likely to get hurt.) 

It's just an article, certainly not a research paper.  There are liberties taken with comparisons and facts....the old "statistical survey of 1."  But probably worthwhile to do some extra reading if you are a runner.  It certainly is unlikely a suprise to anyone that the running shoe industry is based on marketing, not "peer-reviewed studies"..:)

However, I do think some of this is diagnosis-related.  For instance, take Basketball today compared to 25 years ago.  How many coaches/commentators lament that sports athletes no longer "play through the pain"?  Is it instead that the trainers/doctors/etc have learned more about sports-related injuries and how to prolong the careers of athletes?