Tuesday, May 05, 2009


If Twitter gets $700 mil, that will truly be an amazing story.  No public idea how to monetize - just eyeballs.  However, they are being used as a sort of platform by some - which is interesting.

Either way - take it and run.  Don't run the risk of being another Pointcast (from $450 mil to $7).
Twitter turned down a $500 million offer in cash and stock from Facebook, in part because Twitter's investors couldn't agree on whether Facebook's stock was worth as much as Facebook said it was. But Apple could easily pay cash. A source familiar with the thinking of Twitter's board says the company would be hard-pressed to refuse an all-cash offer in the range of $700 million. (Is Twitter really worth that? Since it's business is nothing but a fantasy at this point, any valuation, high or low, is a matter of make-believe.)