Thursday, June 25, 2009

iPhone vs BlackBerry - the Lazy Writeup Edition

About 2 months ago, I added an iPhone as a second cell phone. At the time, I wanted to check it out, as there were some interesting apps to look at. My main device for the previous four years has been some version of a BlackBerry (generally a new-"er" one). Before that, I actually carried the Tungsten W, which, like many, I was ultimately disappointed with.

So now that I've had both the BlackBerry 8800 (world edition) and the iPhone (3G NOT jailbroken) for a couple months, I wanted to post some thoughts.


Best handheld on the market today for the consumer. Bar none. Devices like the new Palm Pre might have some advantages - but the sheer size of the App Store and what is there more than overcome some minor UI improvements. Obviously, the interface of the iPhone is slick, quite easy to use, and functional for a touchscreen.

The network connectivity is nothing short of brilliant - web sites render very well (not to mention the iPhone specific web sites such as CNN). Every single BlackBerry I have ever used has big problems with WiFi - it's a big hassle.

The iPhone AppStore is where the true power of the device lies. People are using the iPhone to check engine readings for their car, in the field by the military, home stereo remote, and many more strange applications for a phone.

A great light example is when a co-worker with the Storm came up excitedly to show me the cool new games the Storm has.....ummm...yeah..."that's hot"... Or when we were talking about mobile gaming on smartphones - someone said "oh yeah, like brickbreaker!!" While gaming is an incredible opportunity for some, the iPhone and it's future is much, much more than this.


Email email email. The BlackBerry does e-mail much, much better than the iPhone.

Tactile (ie physical) keyboard (well, except the Storm). At first this was important, but I am finding that with the iPhone, I am typing at roughly 80% speed of the BlackBerry. Plus, no one should be typing novels - but I can take quite extensive notes during presentations on the iPhone. The auto-correct feature on the iPhone is better than BlackBerry - I trust it more.


So - yes, it's the classic iPhone sexiness (and apps) vs BlackBerry email + keyboard. As a travelling business person who needs a world phone and great email functionality - it's all BlackBerry. But that is the only reason. Even those with BlackBerry's want to switch....
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