Friday, October 31, 2003

Hmmm...friday tomorrow already?? How odd.. Went to "screamers" tonight - it's a collection of haunted houses at the ex.. Some of it was a little hokey, but "the maze" was really good..they had a guy in there with a chainsaw, and I dragged nadia past him....down into a dead end.....where he slowly followed...nadia tried to hide in the corner, but he slowly (dramatically!) approached her, revving the chainsaw... then he lept at her dragging (and revving) the chainsaw against the chain link fence..! She cowered on the ground, I pulled her up by her jacket and she went a'runnin'!!! Of course he wasn't far behind, but we eventually managed to lose him...:) By that point we had lost the other people we were with!!

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