Monday, November 03, 2003

Not a bad weekend....forgetting the unbelievably bad singles event i actually went to friday.. I've never been to one before, but was suckered in by my sister jen in this vein:

Jen - "Chris, What are you doing tonight?"
Chris - "Not sure yet"
Jen - "Want to go to a party?"
Chris thinks: 'i like parties!'
Chris - "Sure - that'd be fun!"
Jen - "it's a bar"
Chris thinks: 'hmm...not really a party then, maybe it with some of her friends'
Chris - "ok?"
Jen - "It's with"
Chris thinks: 'i've already committed, there's no way out!'
Chris grudgingly accepts, curious to see what these events are really like..

..well let me tell you, this one was BAD and BORING, and let's call it "underattended"! Anyways, i ended up sleeping on jen's couch - don't want to take any chances drinking and driving....unless i had a good lawyer..:) Around 5am the fire alarm went off.. I checked the hallway, but I was pretty tired so i didn't really notice anything - besides - most fire alarms are a false alarm! Anyways, I was going to go back to sleep, but checked again anyways.. To my amazement, there it was - dense smoke in the hallways! I woke jen up FAST and we got out.. I went back in quickly to find her cats, and put the one i could find in a cage, but left them there because it seemed like the fire was already contained.. turned out it was a small fire caused by a drunk neighbour who fell asleep smoking.. There were a ton of fire trucks there - at least four or five of the big ones..! Plus another 3-4 cruisers, and one or two of those fire minivans... the dense smoke did affect me a bit the next day though - lots of "black stuff" in my lungs...oh well, i figure they're tough after those previous years of smoking..:)

Anyways....saturday was spent at my dads house drinking, eating halloween candy, and playing the pit - an old parker bros card game thats simple and a lot of fun....sunday was and work....moving furniture...messing around with linux...etc..etc..

Off to do laundry....

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