Sunday, November 23, 2003

Oh - I remembered! Yesterday on the way back from blockbuster (picking up frida, T3, and hulk) I was biking along college when a door opened in front of me. I couldn't stop in time, so I smashed into the door, my only thought being to prevent myself from falling into the street and getting hit by one of the many passing cars.. I got up and yelled something eloquent like "F*CK!", then turned to whomever just opened the door and yelled "What the F*CK!".. It was an older man (early 70s) still seated in the small, old truck, with his wife beside him. He humbly said sorry, and immediately my anger subsided.. He looked frightened and absolutely shocked by what had just happened, so I looked at him and his wife for a second, then just turned and biked away. By this point, i noticed that a small crowd had gathered and were approaching to see if i was seriously hurt or not.. I wasn't really - at first i was worried that my right index finger was broken, but it's not too bad.. The shoulder is sore from bashing into the door (it took the brunt of the hit), and the back is sore due to the jarring.. but nothing bad! At least i didn't get hit by any passing car!

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