Sunday, November 23, 2003

Wow - been awhile...let's recap:
last friday - went out with darrin/kristin/jake to afterlife for "jen's" bday (friend of kristin).. Good night of heavy, and i mean *heavy* drinkin'..!
last saturday - went up to visit tim and toured the guelph bars - no smoking anywhere! Never been there before for a night out - not bad!
Sunday - sleeeeep.....then work...
monday was laundry day, i ended up at the old laundromat by my last place on Queen west.. Went to the done right inn for a pint while washing...another pint while in the dryer..(old tradition)... Unfortunately the old tradition also to drop off the laundry and go back for a fourth...fifth....etc.. And the tradition continued that monday... Invited Jen down for a drink as well - it turned into four or five - causing her next day to be a "work from home" day! Tuesday was a work late day, wednesday i played checkers with nadia...thursday i rented the italian job, dumb and dumberer, and 28 days later.. The first and last were good - dumberer was ok only because i was on my 2nd bottle of wine..:) Friday we went to shawns house in milton for more of that "pit" game which was a lot of fun (then stayed up til 4 or 5am watching funny videos)...james, ryan, myself and shawn were all quite loaded..! Of course my nephew andrew (shawns son) woke me up at 7am shaking my pillow "unka chrees"!!!! On the drive home (around 11am), keith and pauline passed me, so i gave them a call to point out his speed (haha), and they invited me over to their new condo they just purchased in toronto - i was a little tired buy went to go have a look.. A couple of scotches later and we went to lunch!!! I made it home finally around 3pm, and watched T3: rise of the machines (not good at all), then promptly fell asleep on the couch around 6:30pm....woke up today around 10am!!! Lots of sleep.. somehow during the night i got my blankets and pulled out the couch...

well, there's the "journal" - i know i'm forgetting something, but oh well....well rested now!!!

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