Tuesday, November 11, 2003

So...what's new in the last crazy week?? Made the deal and signed the lease for our current location ($8/sq ft !!!!), friday went out to watch a crappy raptors game with arif and ryan, saturday worked all day, picked up steve from the airport and went to andy poolhall (getting ready for andy smith next week!) and then played empire earth until 5am....sunday back to work to move some furniture around.. Gave darkas old desk to dad.. Monday I made a deal with the PKI accountant to give all the remaining furniture to my dads church! It totalled FOUR 26' TRUCKS of furniture!! 20+ desks/tables, 35+ chairs, etc..etc. Even the parts to make about 12-15 cubicle offices..!! They got enough people together in a couple of hours, and we spent 6 to about 11pm to move it into the trucks! My dad took a smaller truckload of stuff, and someone else from the company moving in took another small truckload..!! So thats right - it totalled 6 trucks of stuff!! If the church went to buy the stuff new/used - it would cost them at least 30k!! I still can't believe the PKI accountant was going to dump it - glad i found a use for it!!

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