Saturday, February 14, 2004

Well it's been awhile again...! Last weekend was fun - friday was with ryan - video games and the local bar.. Saturday was great - I was feeling slow/low, but had forgotten that I'd committed to Nadia to go out with her. So we got together and I made her dinner.. we weren't sure what to do, so we ended up heading down to funhaus, which had a live band, so then it was to the bovine sex club, nasa, and finally velvet (of course..:). Nadia wanted to hear "it's my life" by no doubt, so we told the DJ it was her birthday..:) The music was excellent for the first time in awhile, so we stayed for a bit, eventually leaving after hearing the "birthday request"... it was after 2am anyways.. When we approached my place, we ran into a couple of the girls who live on the top floor and a bunch of their friends...and......threw an after party at my place..! It was hilarious and fun - we absolutely blared the music, with people smoking/drinking inside and outside (door open most of the time).. I'm surprised the guys above me didn't complain - but one of them is dating one of the roommates of the girls who were partying with us! (got that? haha) anyways, we went to about 5:30am, then it was time to sleeeeeep..!

For the week, it was relatively uneventful personal-wise, but work has been busy - working an average of 12-14 hrs/day. Tuesday steve and myself went out with drinks with monica - went to oasis first for the cheap, but pretty good, tapas.. We were supposed to go to the done right inn to check out the live band, but they lost their liquor license for a few days! Back to souz dal.....

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