Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Went back to the Done Right Inn last night - i like to get back to queen west once in awhile (and not just velvet, etc - but the cool offbeat parts). I intended to have a pint and read the NOW magazine. Arriving around 8pm, there was a stellar band playing - jazz-oriented music with a female lead (great voice), guitar, and fiddle! It was perfect - not too loud, but great to chill out in the middle of a stress-filled week. They finished up around 8:30pm, then joined the masses (ok, the 10 or 20 of us there..:). It turned out it was the "fiddler's" birthday, so I bought him a beer. I was talking to the other people around me (i arrived alone) - I ended up talking with an older man for quite awhile (he was about 60). He introduced his friend, a female 40-something art teacher. He went home because he was very tired (it was around 9pm..;), so I chatted with the teacher. She ended up telling me her "story": The man who left was her "on-the-side" guy, on and off for 3 years. He's visiting from up north, and is staying in her studio apartment. She also has her main apartment, where she lives with her boyfriend of 14 years, whom she hasn't slept with in 3 years! Apparently they totally love each other, but he had an affair with one of the actresses from melrose place and now doesn't find his girlfriend physically attractive anymore. On an unrelated topic, she was raised by completely bohemian parents..:) She then proceeded to demonstrate, on me, how her boyfriend usually kisses her (peck on the lips), followed by a demonstration by how she would like to be kissed (just guess). It was funny, but I went along. Oh - the whole time she was completed fixated on my skin - and how amazing it was - which was a little, well, weird. Gee, and I don't even use oil of olay! hehe Anyways, she asked me if I wanted to have sex with her (potentially in the bathroom) - but I subtlely changed topics.. When she went to the washroom, one of the owners, michelle, came by (great lady). She grabbed her drink and joined me (not knowing about my *shy* companion). We talked for a bit, then the art teacher came back.. It became clearly evident that she had snuck a shot or two along the trip back from the washroom - she had now degraded from "nicely buzzed" to "completely drunk". She made an ass of herself in front of the owner, which I kinda found funny - the owner politely skimmed into another discussion with someone else..:) Fortunately for me, an old friend of the "art teacher" arrived, so I was free for new discussions. The fiddler was still at the bar, so I chatted with him for a bit, then he "busted out" the fiddle - they turned off the music, and he went to town (the rest of the band was gone). Everyone was dancing/clapping/stomping alone - it was amazing! Totally unexpected - which is always entertaining and fun. Afterwards, I was talking with some of the regulars, when I noticed that the "art teacher" was demonstrating her various "kissing modes" on the new target. Hilarious!! Oh my. Fun night !!!!

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