Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Wow - been awhile..! Let's see here....last thursday i went to a jays game with some customers - sat 4 or 5 rows back from first - got to see a grand slam!! last weekend Jeff came down friday with his friends and we went to the phoenix...lot's o' drinkin'....saturday he stayed with a friend (erica - they're "lightly" dating), and we toured the city, playing frisbee, getting smoothies from juice for life, walking queen st w, etc... Saturday night was @ steve's place playing poker, roulette, etc.. Steve et all fell asleep, so Jeff, erica and myself went back to my place and watched School of Rock (love it!!). Sunday I dropped erica off, then we went to see the punisher, which was kinda fun (intentional silliness at times)..good weekend! Finally arrived home and watched some b-ball.. Knicks are out baby!!!

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