Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Good long-weekend! Friday was sneaky dee's (home first) with darrin etc, and (sister) jen.. saturday/sunday was steve's house helping do the floors (pulled up the carpet, sanding/scraping the floors to get rid of the layers of paint, etc..).. Sunday night Dan & I hit queen west, in particular for the funhaus soft-core porn sunday grand opening! At first it was slow, so we went to velvet, nasa, left bank, then back to velvet...but later on the softcore party was great! I asked the bartenders about where an afterhours place would be - one of the bartenders handed me a piece of paper with an address on it..apparently there was some password - i canvased the bar (it was kinda fun) and found it might be "network 23"... The only other afterhours place was "W" - 721 queen west, but we heard it was just hookers and crack addicts....didn't sound like too much fun really..;) We hopped a cab over to church st for the afterhours - it was pretty good! It was pretty much a house party with two rooms and a bar in the middle.. Drinks were CRAZY strong...too strong for 4am! Funny things happened there (couple o' girls going around taking pictures of peoples various anatomy - i think i'm on there, but only PG unlike some...:) Afterwords it was DINNER finally (hadn't eaten since 11:30am the day previous) at golden griddle as the sun came up, then it was back home by 6am!

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