Thursday, June 03, 2004

Well i do have to mention my last weekend - I went up to kitchener for the friday.. Picked up kate at moose winoskis (had a beer or two with her co-workers)...then over to steve/emmas for some drinks. We ended up going to the flying dog, but on the way we hit a ride program. Katie was driving, and got really nervous (of course my driver-side window didn't go down, so she had to open the door). The cop said "it stinks in here"!!! Yes oh yes we were drinking, but Katie hadn't had much at he let us on. The flying dog was ok, but we headed over to Phils!!! It had changed a bit, a lot cleaner, and we had fun. The next day, after a fine english breakfast courtesy of emma, I returned to toronto and took a bike ride around the city, ended up practicing my b-ball "game"..;) I was actually doing quite well.. I had a book with me, and felt like just hanging out reading in the sun, so I went over to trinity bellwoods park.. There were actually some live bands playing, so i just set down in the valley, relaxed, and red while some metal/rock bands played in the distance.. That night jakub came over, and we headed out on college.. We hit liquid lounge, butt'r, tilt lounge, and college st. bar, then decided to head down to the PANIC party at Funhaus. It was really great - the music was all 80s, but not the obvious 80s stuff.. All danceable tho.. One really hot girl in particular kinda followed us around and hung out with us - no move made cuz i was just havin' fun!! Pickin' up just ain't that important.. Anyways, around 1:45am we ordered 2 drinks each thinkin' that was it, but they re-opened the bar at 3am til roughly 4:30am!!! It was AWESOME - the music was great, the crowd was really cool, and the drinks were comin'!! Needless to say, the sun was up when i got home..:0

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