Tuesday, June 15, 2004

How can I go without posting the weekend before last? I put my mom up at the pantages hotel for the weekend.. She spent friday night/saturday day with Jen, then on saturday took her out for the night. First I took her to sotto sotto, which has great food (the mediterranean sea bass was excellent)..Then a limo ride around the city in this one (the "wave").. She had never been in a limo before, and it was on her "todo" list before the nursing home..:) She loved it - I even had sotto sotto chill a bottle of trius champagne that I had bought so it would be ready for the limo ride! Also, I made her a mix CD - because limos always have great stereos - so I selected some of her favourite songs.. The limo dropped us off at panorama lounge - which was great to watch the sunset, and have some stellar desserts and a martini or two.. (i love that place, but it's a bit $$$). We were going to go to a jazz place, but we decided to just relax at panorama, then head back to the hotel and decide what to do...by then, mom just felt like hanging out at the hotel, so we talked for a bit, then i walked home! The next morning we met for brunch with Jen.. After mom went home, I was on my way to drop Jen off, but at the last second we decided to go for some afternoon drinks - first, the horseshoe tavern, then the done right inn, then to the patio at ted's collision.. Darrin then called and said he was having a bbq with some film friends, so we went over there for the rest of the day..!

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