Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Quick "last weekend" update - went to Ultra on friday to meet meera/jakub and some of her work friends. The place is money baby, but quite expensive at 7.50 for a rum/coke! Her friends were gone by a little after midnight, and they wanted to get something to I headed over to funhaus to see what was happening there. The music was stellar (as always), and I met a few people...but mostly danced or smoked outside. I met some guy named "todd" who claimed he was part of the edge 102 morning crew.. Looks like he was - he claimed he'd buy me drinks if I showed up next friday with two new people.. Strange. It wasn't an edge 102 night - but he may be trying to help lazarus out. I was planning to do nothing saturday, but ended up going to bay/bloor radio with darrin et all to check out the receiver I just bought (denon avr-3803). The newer model was there (only real diff is the new remote control) in the "locked room" - it was SWEET. Can't wait to get the receiver in!!! Time for a little chapters/indigoThen we went to see Garden State. A lot of it was quite good - and funny - but there were some pretty stupid parts. I don't mind "super-cheesiness", but some of the dialog towards the end came out of left field (see "Safe. I feel safe"..WTF?????). Anyways, afterwards it was back to darrins for some texas hold'em.. Sunday it was up to steve's house (without steve there) from mother's b-day. I got her a dvd player for her bedroom (jeff sometimes has his friends over in the living room). It was a good day - with some pretty funny events.. Steve's strange neighbour (she lives on the top floor) was having difficulty getting into her place. Apparently something was stuck in the lock. Her boyfriend was there - long haired, older skinny guy (both were probably in their 50s). They borrowed a hammer and screwdriver to try to break in, but they weren't having any luck. Eventually, they started fighting, and as he walked away she was screaming at him (while sitting on our porch) that he's a no-good drunk...So he promptly pulled down his pants and mooned her! Mom's reaction was funny!! On top of that, everytime the second floor tenant biked by, she started screaming at him like crazy - apparently he's some sort of crack dealer. He would respond with something like "Hi Maria!" or "See ya later Maria!". It was quite comical... So the neighbour ended up calling the police to see if they could get her in.. We offered her a pepsi - she accepted and promptly (discreetly) pulled some alcohol out of her purse and added it to the pop!!! Over an hour passed by and the police still hadn't arrived. I decided to head up to the apartment and see what I could do.....2 minutes later I was in.. She was really happy - it didn't even cross her mind how easy it was to break in! Anyways....that was the end of that..:)

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