Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Sooo.......had a cool weekend up in the algonquin interior.. I ended up renting a black ford explorer, which was nice.. We left around 7am saturday morning, and got to the outfitters by 2pm to pick up the stuff we were renting (canoe, backpacks, etc). We drove down highway 60 to access point #9 at rock lake, and walked in to the centre to pick up our passes. The lady asked us "So, what colour is your tent?" I quickly responded with "Don't know - it's rented.....wait......we forgot to get a tent from the outfitters!!" So it was 45 minutes back to the outfitters, and 45 minutes back to access point #9.. Worked out though - by the time we were loading the canoe it had completely stopped raining. As we were loading, a couple of 50s lesbians had just finished a week at a "secret" campsite on rock lake - it's not on the maps, but is quite nice with a mini sandy beach. We got out there, and it wasn't taken yet...pretty nice campsite! Then it was the usual - set up tent, try to start fire (previous rain made starting the fire a bit challenging), then some food, swimming, etc.. Next day we canoed over to the portage access point to get to lake louisa, and it was time for a 3 km fun....Tim ended up carrying it for most of the way, with myself trailing, balancing the canoe. Then it was more canoeing to find a campsite. We found a pretty good one on an island, which was nice.. More swimming, setting up, etc..etc. Next day (monday) it was time to come back - which means 3km portage again!! Most of the other people laughed at us - a long portage like that should only be done if you are staying for longer than one night!!! Oh well... Tim carried it the whole way this time, and I had took on more weight in my backpack. Didn't want to screw my back for the drive home, as I was staring at 6+hrs of driving.. Overall - good weekend, and I would like to try a longer trip!

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