Friday, March 18, 2005

Are you Dumb? That is hilarious - i love the escalating "are you dumb, are YOU DUMB?" as you answer..!


Mike & Kate said...

Hey Edgie MacEdgealot. You are right on when you say that you think your roommate is going to kill you in your sleep. I agree, I just read his blog and he's crazy like a loon. Funny, but crazy.

Mike & Kate said...

That was funny!! I, am lucky, I am not dumb, I am not DUMB, I am NOT DUMB, I AM NOT DUMB!!

Thank you, please come again.

(p.s. roomie's website is too funny!!)


Edge said...

Roomies' blog is HILARIOUS! Are you Dumb? Are you DUMB? ARE YOU DUMB??