Monday, March 21, 2005

Friday night I met up with Jakub and some of his in-laws at Cache Lounge. They were already in, and at first I wasn't let in...I had to be on the guest list or a "club member". After a bit, they did let me in...the lounge was very "chic", with lots of good-looking people. It was tough to talk, as the music was quite loud. I soon found out why we were there - a langerie fashion show! Sweet - it was short however, and about 5 girls. No, I didn't buy anything...:) It turns out that the girl running the show was friends with one of "jakub's inlaws friends". Funny note - the owner of the Mod Club is a member of Platinum Blonde - he is friends with the same connection as above and was hangin' out at the show too.. After the show, we went over to century lounge, where jakub's brother in law works. It was a good place - great music and I really liked the layout. Both places were quite pricey - in the $7+ range for a rum/coke.. Don't ask about the red bull/vodkas!

Saturday was poker day/night - the event we were supposed to go to was cancelled, so we went to robs house instead (about 6 of us). We played two games - the first was $40/person, and the 2nd was turbo, at $10/person. I came in 2nd both times - in both cases I pushed too much heads up...which allowed the winner to get lucky with some cards. I should have lightened up a bit on the betting, but it's what got me there, I suppose.. First game I all-in'ed on a flush draw, and ran into bullets (pocket aces).. 2nd game I all-in'ed on 3 kings (i was slight chip leader), and he hit a river gut-shot straight (i HATE the river! ;). Then he hit another lucky card on the river.. Oh well...!

Got home around 2am or so, and made some food and went to bed.. I had a GREAT sleep (no interruptions), and woke up wondering what time it was (thinking it must be 11am, noon at the latest). I turned on the tv, and changed it to channel 24.. I had to sit up to see if my eyes were right - 17:37..what? That can't be right - I tried other channels, and they said the same thing! WHAT? I slept in til nearly SIX PM?? I can't remember the last time I've slept in that late! Very, very strange..

Today, I'm at home as I'm sick.. This morning I couldn't get up at all - so maybe that ridiculous sleep-in yesterday meant I was pretty sick....who knows. Either way, I haven't smoked yesterday or today - I think I'm going to try to quit.

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Mike & Kate said...

Yeah right!! You quit smoking!! You should ask Mike for some tips... for him, it's been about 2months... for me, about 9months! (I'm winning!)


(Can't wait until I can go to a posh club again with you guys... Tell Jakey boy, he'll have to 'hook me up' when I can go out again.)