Thursday, April 07, 2005

TTC Strike Thoughts increase in fares, and now this potential strike. Let's not forget the property tax hike.

The average salary of a TTC operator is ~55k/year. I've seen 50k to 60k, so I chose 55k. Yes - 55k/year to drive a bus. A caller on AM640 this morning said that the job is very stressful, and the 55k is earned. When asked, he said it's the late-night shifts that are bad - very dangerous, and you deal with idiots. Lets point out that security guards and prison guards get paid MUCH less, but deal with worse scenarios.

I've also read that TTC workers get paid lunch breaks, and extra holidays. Not surprising for the public sector, to be sure.

Let's not also forget that management isn't guilt-free either - the whole system is horribly antiquated, and there are layers of fat in the middle.


Privatize the whole she-bang, and open it up for competition. This is what you get when you have a public sector monopoly.

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