Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Dogs are funny

I'm in Freelton last night for my dads b-day, and we go over to watch his softball team play. No one but the players and us are there -so a-hecklin' we go..:) Suddenly steve bursts out laughing - can't control himself. He points behind the mini-bleachers - and there's a young girl laughing on the ground, with her dog over top of her licking her face and, well, you know... Hilarious, but disturbing! This dog couldn't get enough - he kept trying to get behind her.. She thought the whole thing was absolutely hilarious! Funniest part was when the girl and the dog came out in front of the bleachers, and it happened again (this time with her standing up, and the dog jumped up on her shoulders). The look on everyone's face was priceless!!

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blogwriter said...

That girl was being sexually harassed by that dog.

She could press charges.