Friday, June 10, 2005

VNV Nation, Soman, and Imperative Reaction

Yesterday I took the day off - well, sort of. I was at work by 7:30am, left there around 10am - and it was off to the beaches! Jeff, his friend cody, Tim and myself hit up the boardwalk pub for some lunch and a pint first, then it was off to buy a volleyball to play! We were LAH-ZAY - but it was still fun. Went back to my place, and Tim/myself hung out whilst listening to various industrial/ebm/darkwave bands to get us in the mood for the upcoming concert.. A few (read: 4) revs later, we were off to the phoenix concert theatre to catch VNV Nation..! Soman opened - he was GREAT. Then it was Imperative Reaction, who were good as well. VNV was very good - I love their stuff (ie solitary, cold, etc) - I just don't know if they played that much of the older stuff (seemed like mostly matter and form). It could be that I was super-tired towards the end - I could barely move. The sunburn from earlier in the day, plus the loooong day, pretty much killed me. Rev really props me up for a bit - but I come crashing down fairly fast..:) I reall, REALLY wanted to go to funhaus afterwards - but we were soooo tired that it just wasn't going to happen.

Great concert!

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