Friday, August 19, 2005

Must be time for an update!

Well, a lot has happened since my last update!! I took 3 days off work last week in order to help plan my little sister's wedding - it was crazy! Lets just say - I avg'ed 4 hrs sleep/night last week! But the wedding went really, REALLY well, from what I saw/heard. Lots of people said "that's how I would do it" - in reference to the reception being at a (nice, large) home with a big back patio, etc. It really did look quite good.. I did the music, a 12 minute presentation (video), and the MC stuff. Any agenda was totally useless...:) Saturday night I came back, and went out with rick (a much needed "personal" night out) - and he was dead at 1am, so I headed down to queen west, which was sweet (and much-missed). Then this week has been work, work, and more I'm heading to california next week, and had to catch up from the three days "off" last week. I need a real vacation soon!!! :)

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