Sunday, August 21, 2005

Travellin' to the bay

Yesterday was the loooong trip down to san francisco...that started and ended well! Flight was at 5:22pm, so I called a taxi at 2:30pm. It arrived almost instantly, and he drove fast, so I was at the airport before 3pm. I got a good seat selection (FRONT of the plane), and headed through customs.....which was a breeeze. Literally, there was about 20 customs officers, and maybe 3-5 people talking with them (and no lineup!). NEVER seen that before. So I was waiting for the plane before 3:30pm! Wow. Time to break out a book.. Plane was on time - it was a small, loud plane that you couldn't stand up straight in. A couple hours later we were in atlanta. It was pretty funny, the plane pulled up to where it was supposed to go and did a "hey, someone's in my spot" routine. So we were routed to a different gate, but the pilot went down the wrong path so he had to turn around again. Funny stuff.. The initial gate was A23, and my connection was A25, but we were moved to C33...After walking down (there was a train, but in long days of travel, GET exercise!), I found that the plane had been switched, and was delayed (by about an hr in the end). Great thing about a new plane? I can get a new seat assignment - which I did - aisle up front! The movie was "The Upside of Anger" - which had some pretty funny points ("I'm Gay!"), and some dumb cheesy stuff... Notes on the movie below..Arriving in San Fran by 11:30pm local time (2:30am my time), I headed down to hertz...who "had no cars of my class left", so they upgraded me to a mustang convertible! Too cold for the top down - so it was a drive over to the oakland hilton..where I got a little lost and felt that I wasn't in good oakland territory..but I found it eventually..

The Upside of Anger

This one tends to get you involved a bit. Kevin costner was good, and so was Joan Allen. Overall the movie had very real characters - and I did like it. One of the best scenes involved Joan and an overaged man dating Joan's young daughter. The mother reacted appropriately, but the muted tongue-lashing she received in reverse was stellar. In particular, he points out that he doesn't want to date women his own age - essentially they are scarred, beaten down, cynical, sarcastic, and don't have any passion. They won't say "wow, that was a nice meal" after he takes them out for dinner, or "look at the beautiful stars" on a walk down a beach. Potent stuff.

Moral of that one is - stay young!


blogwriter said...

the ending was messed up though

i understand the point of it, but common on... kind of ridiculous.

Edge said...

Yeah - a bit silly. But it pointed out to her that all her bitterness was in vain - and should have been regardless of the outcome/reason.

Unbelievable really from a reality standpoint though - can't imagine your spouse falling down a well, and everyone just believes that he's gone to spain with his secretary...! What about his friends? His family? Wouldn't they chase him down?

Unless he's a loser! haha