Monday, August 22, 2005

Touring San Fran and slowly getting to Santa Rosa

Sunday I spent the morning lookings for a suit in San Francisco - finally found a good deal on a CK suit from Macy's..then it was off to go up and down the hilly roads in North San Fran via Hwy 1 (shoreline hwy). The road hugs the coast for awhile - one of those "no-barriers-so-pay-attention" drives, as it constantly winds back and forth...with some tight turns...Lots of fun in the mustang convertible! Beautifu drive....I arrived in Santa Rosa around 6:30pm and settled in to the hotel - then out to dinner at syrah's, which was good (but not great - maybe halibut isn't their specialty). I sat at the bar and chatted with the chef - who was friendly enough..though disturbed that I opted for a red wine to accompany my halibut..:) Finally I sampled a couple more wines back at the hotel restaurant for a few more vee-noo samplings.. I finally stumbled up to my room at 11pm (2am EST) and hit the sack.

I looooove cali!

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