Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Monday log

Monday was a good sleep in morning (loooove travelling west...getting up at 10am is like getting up at 1pm!)..then off to work for the day, which ended early (around 4:30)...so I went up to plaza farms in Healdsburg, which was good for some wine tasting, though empty on a monday night.. Back to the hotel restaurant to try a meal there - as it looked pretty good. The food was good, and I sampled some more vee-noo.. Of course I chose the seat at the bar beside a young lady, but the dude to my right started talking to me in detail about baseball, which I found greatly interesting (sic). Eventually he left, and immediately the girl started chatting with me.. We shared a glass of dessert wine and a choco-peanut butter dessert, chatted for a couple hours, then headed back to the hotel. We parted ways in the lobby, and then bed!

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