Thursday, August 25, 2005

The tuesday & wednesday whirlwind

Tuesday morning I checked out, and worked with the customer until early afternoon...then it was back down to daly city (just south of san fran). The drive was really good - it was hot in santa rosa, and I could feel the ocean as I approached san the hills just north of the golden gate bridge, fog was pouring across the highway - very strange feeling with the roof down!! It was nuts...but fun and for some reason, quite hilarious.. I stayed to the coast for awhile, feeling that I could make it to daly city the long way, and get to see some beaches...the temperature was dropping fast, so it was off to the hotel. As per usual, the hotel clerk "just started" and didn't know what to do for evening entertainment, so I found a place called "Casanova Lounge" and decided to head there and try to find dinner in the area..

The first restaurant I found was dedicated to crepes, which I wasn’t into, but they referred me to “The Last Supper Club” – which was quite good, and funky. In fact, the whole area was funky, and in talking to the bartender, he said the area is called the mission district, and is the “coolest” area in the city…it was very similar to queen west, but much more hilly..:) This site is correct - there were some unsafe areas with some pretty seedy people and happenings!!

Moving down to Casanova, I was excited to see what a hip, yet slightly divey, san Francisco garage/punk/hard rock lounge had to offer…and it was good!! I soon was chatting with some really cool people…Someone mentioned “oh, I like this” when the killers came on, so I mentioned The Bravery, which no one had heard of. About a couple hours later, they came on! I talked to the DJ – and she said that she had just heard about them on the net – and has been playing their stuff for awhile…. Anyways, it was one of their birthdays, so we had a few beers ("Fat Tire" isn't bad). . We talked about how focused san fran’ites are on sex and sex-related behaviour....!

We spent most of the night at Casanova, then went over to a place called Delirium for a last call. UPDATE: Here's a "shoutout" to a great person (if she doesn't mind..:) )!! After that – back home and to bed by 3:30am!

Wednesday morning I got up around 6:30 – checked email, voicemail, then checked out and headed down to mountain view to visit the first client….then a lunchtime drive up to san leandro to visit another client….then to the Oakland airport, off to phoenix (god I hate southwest and their “sheep herding” mentality – use technology for &**^ sakes!!), and get the car and onwards to Scottsdale….This time I managed to get a dodge magnum….it was that or the Chrysler 300…but I think the magnum is pretty sexy in that “wow – manly!” way. So it must be Swedish. You know, the ones obsessed with sex, beer and work. Are you still reading?? haha

Btw, Phoenix is stupid hot and humid. It's ridiculous how awful it is! It's approaching midnight, and it's 34C outside and "feels like" 40C!! The forecast? Over 40C during the day, plus humidity!

Hence no convertible.

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