Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm getting the "iPod sweats"

So the new video iPod is out - and I want one. Now. But I won't just yet - because I think a new device or two are coming down that should be even better.

But - it's still pretty sweet - slimmer, at 0.44" thick (for the lower one), and it's available in sweet sweet black..! And they're starting to allow you to purchase TV shows on it - along with an s-video out port. Think about it - it's a PVR; and the TV shows are basically purchased podcasts. The question is - will the market pay $1.99/episode to watch it on-demand, with no commercials, and be able to keep it?

I love the old quotes of Steve Jobs saying things like "We don't think people have a burning desire to watch video on tiny little screens."


blogwriter said...

how much, how much???

Edge said...

one billion dollars!