Monday, October 17, 2005

Why are weekends so short?

Twas a good weekend, however! Thursday I went to yellow griffin for some red hot, then afterwards over to ted's collision to meet up with Dan for a few pints.. Friday I went to see the Toronto Marlies with Kristin - which wasn't bad. However, I think the OHL is more entertaining, as they seem to play harder/faster; while AHL was basically the over-coached NHL style, with worse players. Saturday, I went to Casino Rama with Aaron - which, while the poker was fun, the wait was FOREVER.. We waited almost 3 hours for 2/5!! We left at 8pm, seeing Aaron up 20, and me even. If we could have stayed - it would have got quite profitable, as the play was unbelievably predictable, and lots of "had to see it" calling stations. Afterwards, we met up with Rick and headed out for a "guyz night" - which was fun. We hit spadina/bloor, which wasn't too good...but made our way down to velvet underground...where basically ALL the music was good! Sunday was haul-out for the boat, which is always a titch boring..:)

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