Sunday, February 05, 2006

Vegas Baby

Just arrived in Vegas last night - and am staying at the Excalibur. It's not too bad - price is pretty good (sat is 110, sun/mon is around 60, with a GREAT strip view). Played poker last night, at excalibur for 2/4, ended up cashing out at 142 after buying in for 100. The other players are BAD - I mean, by FAR worse than the canadian casinos. For example, pre-flop, there was a raise, and a re-raise - and big blind has a VERY tough time laying down his hand, which he would say - "i guess i have to fold my 7-5 offsuit, but I felt good about it." Another one was after the turn, on a board of A Q 7 2 no spades, the guy to my right finally folds (after calling capped pre-flop betting, then calling a raise and re-raise on the flop) his JACK NINE spades. He shows me as he folds, saying "I can't believe I have to fold this great hand!" The proof that the play was bad was when I won a showdown with ace high!

Even better was the drunk lady who would cap post-flop betting with mid-pair, no kicker!

I wish I hit a few more hands, as I really only saw 3 or 4 showdowns in 4 hours.

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