Thursday, February 09, 2006

What I Learned In Las Vegas

After 5 days in Vegas, I picked up on a few things, despite my declared war on sobriety:

1. The best game for biggest fish for low limit poker that I've ever played in is Excalibur. Play tight aggressive, and you'll do well, provided the cards fall roughly even. Even if they aren't great, you should still walk away a winner. In about 5 hours yesterday, i walked in with $100 USD, and left with out with over $220, after probably tipping an additional $20 or so. On saturday, I played for a few hours, settling for a $50 profit (but drinking heavily, so probably tipped at least another $30 or so. And this at 2/4 - which some argue that you're fighting the rake as well. Never forget - raise to find where you stand; and raise to save a bet!

2. Excalibur is a reasonably cheap hotel to stay in - with 2 queen beds - but is a little tired. The Palms was sweet. Really sweet. But it's off-strip (a short taxi).

3. The sound of slot machines may eventually make you crazy.

4. For some reason, you never get a hangover. It's strange - I should have had at least two - but no headache or anything, just my liver complaining.

5. The hookers act and even dress like regular girls - saw lots of people fall into their trap.

6. Never fly a redeye back with screaming kids & incessently-loud-talking jocks on it, then have your luggage lost by the airline.

7. The lower-dollar value poker tournaments are just like redhot - gamble central and no play because of the structure. The sahara tournament I played was even faster than red hot (though I did finish 14th/>100, with the bubble at 11).

8. The new monorail is ok - but is too far from most casinos. For instance, DON'T BELIEVE that stardust is even remotely near the monorail stop.

9. The best pit (ie table) games to play are blackjack and 4-card poker. I think the odds are pretty good there. Roulette kicks my ass.

10. Don't go for too long - I couldn't imagine staying another day! Unless I only played poker, but its just soooo easy to say yes and have a drink....then off you go!

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