Monday, May 29, 2006


Friday night was The Cult, opening was controller controller. Both were good - apparently Now Mag insulted the cult pretty bad - they were making fun of them all night. After it was "Queen West"..:) Saturday I went and picked up my brother Jeff - we came back to my place and watched some UFC stuff, then the Big Lebowski. He hadn't seen it before - so I made him watch's such a funny (and great) movie. Sat night was poker+UFC - UFC was OK, but it was crappy watching Gracie get utterly dominated and destroyed by hughes. I hate matt hughes - go St. Pierre!!! I did win poker though - and thought I played pretty well. Sunday we packed up and went to Grand Bend, then over to The Pinery - which had some fantastic sand. The day was very warm (30C+) but the water was "keep my beer" cold ... however we still went swimming, especially after "Sand Dune Jumping" - aka "Big boys playing in the dirt"..:) I would like to camp at the pinery - but only after the black/horse/deer flies are gone.

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