Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A new year and other things

Well a new year is upon us, fiscal year that is at work. I had a great Q4 in sales - most over plan (ahhh....cash....and award...), which was pretty sweet. Who knew I could do well in sales?? :)

On another topic - I couldn't find my keys this morning, so I ended up taking a taxi in. Turns out that this cab was broken into (window smashed) the night before in his underground car park. His taxi is outfitted with a camera that takes consistent pictures if there is someone in the car, but it hasn't been started. There are also cameras in the underground parking lot. However, when he called the police and asked if they want the pictures - they said nope. They don't have the resources to come out and track a simple car breakin down.

Morale of the story? Feel free to break into cars - the police won't do anything?

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