Sunday, June 25, 2006

Xbox 360 update

Well, I've had the xbox 360 for almost a month now - and it's fair to say that I'm looking forward to the next gen games. I have top spin 2, table tennis, oblivion, PGR3, and blazing angels. All are good in different ways - but none totally blow me away. They do look better than original xbox, but not crazy better!

With that said - the next gen games look gooooood:

Battle for Middle Earth 2: Wow - RTS on a console. The trailer looks good - graphics look great. But did they come up with good controls? Either way - I'm buying it next month.

Star Trek: Legacy: I have HIGH HOPES for this one. When in my teens, I played a board game/combat version of star trek that was very good - essentially ship-to-ship battles. And that's what this is. Watch the trailer!! This page is what gets me excited.

Over G Fighters: I have always liked "arcadey" combat flight sims - and this looks to be one. Blazing Angels is fun - but taking a jet fighter and fighting above the clouds...well, now that sounds like fun!!

MotoGP 06: Just came out. Need to get it. Looks amazing. Has motorcycles. That's all I need!! (but worried about the apparent frame rate issues...come on developers!!)

Finally - the next generation of 2007 sports games look MUCH better - the 360 versions of '06 or 2k6 didn't look much improved over original xbox. Ooo...better shadows....and that was about it..:)


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It does look pretty good - who is this???? I have the demo right now on my xbox 360 - it's interesting!! I can't wait for the star trek game.