Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fastest $30 I've ever made

This was the very first hand in this heads up match - funny!!! His pre-flop call was a bit weak, then his post-flop all in on a ragged board was hilarious! I actually thought he might have had Q10 or KQ or something. A lot of times you see some tilted 0.5/1 or .1/.25 players jump up to "make it back fast" - and they're all in every hand. Either way - the fastest $30 I've ever made!!

As a note - if he check-raised me, he would have taken the pot.

Played on : 27 June 2006 12:15 AM
Game Type : Texas Holdem
Buy-In : $30 Fee : $3
Total number of players : 2

Seat 1: Edge_Pop (2000)
Seat 2: bblluffmasta (2000)

Edge_Pop posts small blind (20)
bblluffmasta posts big blind (40)

** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Edge_Pop [ 7s, 7c ]
Edge_Pop raises (100) to 120
bblluffmasta calls (80)

** Dealing Flop ** : [ 2c, 8h, 4s ]
bblluffmasta bets (1880)
bblluffmasta is all-In.
Edge_Pop calls (1880)
Edge_Pop is all-In.

** Dealing Turn ** : [ Qc ]

** Dealing River ** : [ 3c ]

Creating Main Pot with $4000 with Edge_Pop,bblluffmasta
** Summary ** Main Pot: 4000 Board: [ 2c 8h 4s Qc 3c ]
Edge_Pop balance 4000, bet 2000, collected 4000, net +2000 [ 7s 7c ] [ a pair of sevens -- Qc,8h,7s,7c,4s ]
bblluffmasta balance 0, lost 2000 [ 6d 6c ] [ a pair of sixes -- Qc,8h,6d,6c,4s ]


blogwriter said...

who's nick is bluffmasta?

Edge said...

No idea - but "masta" seems to be a bit overstated.

blogwriter said...

oh, so it was online? I thought it was someone from our poker circle. You all have cute little nicknames for eachother.

Edge said...

You come up with the name yourself

dasbooty said...

hmmm.... 30 seems to be a nice themed number for you? didn't you bust out of that niagara tourny in 30 minutes?

tee and hee

Edge said...

Who is this dasbooty? Can I call you "bluffmasta" instead??

PS - your web site seems to be down.

Edge said...

Who is this "dasbooty"? Is your real name bluffmasta??

PS - your web site seems to be down.

blogwriter said...

i want to be called the Pokernator. It can be applied to poker and it also sounds dirty.