Saturday, July 01, 2006

Poker Update

Craziness - I played redhot last night - played well, active, and made some pretty good moves to make the final table. When I made it - I announced that I don't care about the points nearly as much as they do, so I was out in 7th. Then I played tonight, and made the final table again (no idea how - saw the river only twice!). finished 6th. Then back home and played heads up against a friend. Wow. He flopped, FLOPPED, a full house twice (i was chasing and hit a flush), hit a ONE OUTER (J) on the river, had two pair probably every 3-4 hands - it was nuts. Then I played online, and ran into quads when I had the flush, ran into trips when I had two pair.

I think that's enough for today..:)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that guy must have great decision skills at what cards to play. He's probably very attrative too!

Edge said...

Nah - he doesn't go out because women hiss