Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pittsburgh Update

Today was a good day.....(didn't have to use my AK?) First, I slept in. Last night I wasn't feeling well at all, so went to bed around 11pm, and slept through to 11am today! I love the doubletree king bed. And I do mean LOVE. It was all I could think about yesterday..:) Anyways - I've quit smoking today as well - I still felt crappy when I woke up. It started when I switched to american cigarettes, I think I might be slightly allergic to them. Plus, you can smoke inside here! Crazy! Imagine people smoking in a restaurant? Anywhere in a bar?! Strange...:)
Back on track: today, my focus was on getting to see Falling Water. So I mapped it, and off I went. It was amazing - I can't believe this building. I want to own it!!! :)

(Yes - I did take this picture..:)

After the tour (and some touring), I wanted to find something active to do. I continued driving to some town called "Ohiopyle", and found a store than rented mountain bikes. I ended up biking 30+ miles! It was great, and very scenic. West Pennsylvania is beautiful - large rolling hills covered in lush forests, rivers, waterfalls, etc..etc! The bike trail followed the river - and had some high bridges, such as this one:

As a quick note, yesterday I went up the Duquesne Incline, which was fun. It takes you to the top of Mount Washington, on the south shore. Apparently my "heights issue" goes in and out..:) You can see the tracks in the bottom left:

And finally, here's a nice picture of downtown Pittsburgh, from Mount Washington:


blogwriter said...


and if you're giving p smoking, I'll give up smoking too. we can do it together.

Edge said...

I did give up smoking - for two days. I'm back now. American cig's make me ill - but cdn ones work for me.