Friday, July 07, 2006

Living the Gold Life!

Recently I became a Hhonors gold member - and soon will hit diamond. The key benefit with gold is a free upgrade - so right now, I'm at a doubletree in downtown pittsburgh and paid for the cheapest room they have (two dbl beds for $120/night). Hey - free upgrade! Now in in a suite with a living room, study, and very, very good king size bed. Sweeeet... If you travel - do your best to stick to one provider each for car, hotel, and flights!

Pittsburgh is nice - very green and hilly.

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blogwriter said...

you said "living the Gold Life" isn't the saying "welcome to the Good Life"...?

Oh wait a minuite, I see what you did there. Because you're a gold member, you replaced Good with Gold, because being part of the Gold club is good.

very clever

I love puns.