Tuesday, November 07, 2006

80's Party this Friday in High Park!

I'm co-hosting an 80's video party this friday (nov 10) at Kiwi Kick Restaurant Bar & Lounge (1986 Bloor St W, high park subway station). The owner is really cool, and there is going to be $4 drink specials all night!! Lots of 80's videos (duran duran, billy idol, michael jackson, def leppard, and much more); plus 80's movie montages!

We did this for my birthday, and it was lots of fun....so the owner asked us to do it again!!


Anonymous said...

your birthday!!!

My birthday too..
it was a celebration bitches!

Edge said...

It was everyone's birthday!

I don't trust anyone who is anonymous - they freak me out. See you friday, rick james!