Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Dark Side of Tim Hortons

Sunday afternoon, around 3pm, I went to a Tim Hortons (the one on Frederick, in downtown Kitchener). I ordered a large Tea from the young lady behind the counter. She took my money and put it in the cash drawer. Then, all of a sudden, a look of terror washed over her face, and she lunged downwards. I couldn't see what was going on, I thought she might have forgotten something in a microwave or something similar. She then ran into the back. I looked at the customer beside me, and then peeked over the counter to see what had happened.

She had thrown up all over the floor (and partially in the garbage bag). She was in the back for 2-3 minutes, and eventually came back out (giving me my change, which I quickly re-routed to the donations box). She washed her hands thoroughly and made my tea, all the while with a look of fright and panic on her face. A couple of employees peeked out the back to look at her, but it was clear that they were done their shift, so they left. No one else seemed to notice and/or care.

Strange! I guess no Manager was on site. I'm amazed that she still was working. Why was she still there?

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Heather Woodland said...

No one took over for her? Nice! Did you drink the tea? lol I think she could have used a cup 'o tea!