Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Apparently now is the time

Check out this blog entry by A VC. 10 of 11 portfolio companies have the leading entrepreneur 30 or under.

I heard someone the other day say "I must be getting older, because this new Office 2007 is hard to figure out." This guy is in his early 30's, and is tech-savvy. He reflected that "technology is getting harder to keep up with" - where a few years ago he might have said "technology innovation is exciting!"

Do our brains stop innovating past 35? Not only past your prime at most sports, but also innovation?

Or do we get tired of trying to keep up? Adding too much responsibility from other pressures (building a family, planning retirement, etc).

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citydan said...

Maybe it's a matter of teaching old dogs new tricks.
It's also much easier to keep up with things if you're 'plugged in'. People under 24 communicate primarily though txt and see email as the slow old way of doing things. It's hard to txt people when you're 32 and only know 4 people who use txt messaging at all, lol!
In the over 30 demographic most people still think of the internet as an alternative to the phone book, whereas under 30's know the internet as a way of life.
My grandparents always saw typing as a womanly kind of thing... old dogs.