Friday, May 11, 2007

Is life always good in social networking?

With twitter, facebook status, etc, people are increasingly letting everyone know what they are doing "in the moment". Outside of angst-ridden teenagers, most people in the 25-30+ age group almost exclusively post their happy thoughts, how great life is, or what they are doing that is amazing. What you see is typically:

"_____ is enjoying a night on a patio!"
"_____ is recovering from a great night out!"
"_____ is looking forward to the weekend!"
"_____ is looking forward to the big party with great friends!"

I think we should start a petition to only post negative thoughts. How about:

"_____ is disgusted with his friends, most of the time."
"_____ is trying to find ways to get out of the night out tonight."
"_____ is generally un-happy with his neighbours. They're idiots."

Alternatively, we could post some Seinfeld-esque updates. Such as:

"_____ is wondering why he didn't pee at his normal 10am timeslot?"
"_____ is determined to park in such a way that the walk to the office is shorter. Don't have to walk around the car."
"_____ is back to his desk, after getting a fresh cup of coffee."
"_____ is using a new bic pen from the supply closet."

Any other ideas to change from the boring old ".......happy to live life to the fullest!!"

PS - read this blog for more ideas.

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