Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Phunny Day in Philly

When I arrived in Philly, I realized that I had left my laptop power adapter in the Maple Leaf Lounge in Toronto (surprise surprise). So i went on quite the adventure to go get it. First stop was a radio shack - no luck. Realized I forgot my wallet - so back to the hotel. Then a staples, no luck. The sales associate at staples called a nearby location to see if they had it, sure enough they did. So I walked the 6 or 7 blocks over, and, well, they didn't. Turns out the cashier was not to be confused with a mensa member. However, the computer guy there said given my troubles, they could let me borrow one from a show-floor model that was similar to mine, and I'd just return it the next morning.

I get back to the hotel, hit the restaurant, and go to plug it in. Like an idiot, I didn't test it at staples, so of course it didn't work. I go up to the car (separate elevator from the hotel), only to figure out that my "in/out" pass is back in the hotel. Down the parking elevator, up the hotel elevator, and back. Alright, off to Best Buy, first dropping off the adapter at staples to get my ID back (the "deposit"). After getting lost for awhile, I found the Best Buy, and they had the adapter. Sweet!

Now driving back to the hotel, I hear some shouting over the music while at a red light. I shut off the music, and see that directly ahead of me there seems to be a bit of a standoff between "rival factions". There is a CVS store and security guard nearby, but he's staying out of it. Suddenly the shouting escalates, and both groups swarm the street directly in front of me. Light turns green...and I edge forward. There's fighting, yelling, etc, and I'm slowly pulling ahead to
edge through the melee. In between the punches and brawling, they see my car and make their way aside. Finally, I make it through, and am back at the hotel with a power adapter!

Now imagine if I didn't forget the power adapter at the airport lounge..

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