Sunday, October 07, 2007

Weekend in Amsterdam

What did I learn in a couple days in Amsterdam?

- there are two versions - Las Vegas (RLD, clubs, etc) vs Cultured (museums).
- everyone rides a bike, and there is little traffic. Parking in the city is too expensive to make it possible for most people. Bike lanes everywhere!
- I am no longer tall here
- Amsterdam never sleeps
- there are bars, clubs, lounges, pubs, etc everywhere!
- it's very easy to get around
- extremely integrated - people of all backgrounds, cultures, and races live here
- I saw first hand where my mayo obsession comes from.
- lots of stray cats, and they aren't considered "cute"
- Everything is 4 stories. You could say "double toronto!"
- amazing to see some original van gogh and rembrandt

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