Friday, November 09, 2007

My desk is soooo boring!

Something is bugging me. And I mean REALLY bugging me. I sit here at my desk all day long, thinking: "What good is this desk really good for? It just holds all my crap stuff."

Don't you think that too? Just your average Joe North American - sitting in the living room, killing another evening watching 4+ hours of TV thinking to yourself: "what a stupid coffee table...What has it EVER done for me?"

Then it dawned on me - tables and desks are just plain lazy.

This month Soon we will have an answer - Microsoft Surface.

Take THAT you lazy coffee table.

I wanted to thank Mr Bill for this inspiring quote:
"It can be in every desk," Gates said. "It can be in every table, it can be in every whiteboard, every mirror. Give us a 5- to 10-year time frame and we will wonder why our tables used to just sit there and not do anything for us."

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