Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You need to read this

This blog is absolutely amazing.

It's written by a former NBA player (American) who was signed to play in Iran. He goes through what he thought to expect, and what he actually did see. This entry in particular is thought provoking:
To be absolutely honest with you I was petrified on this flight, not because it wasn’t very smooth because it was and it wasn’t completely because I really hate flying but more so because as I boarded the plane I looked around and saw exactly what I’ve been conditioned to fear since 9/11 which is a plane full of Muslims and that seriously had me stressed, I felt like shaq shooting a playoff free throw(extremely vulnerable). There is a lot of blame to go around for my perception but I use to watch The Factor until I realized the type of narrow minded view of Muslims it was projecting so I’m passing mine to O’Reilly, thanks Bill-O!

Something to think about, I hope.

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Josh "Big J" Moore said...

Thanks for the support!!! Real cool blog!