Thursday, October 09, 2008

Vienna Redux

Well, I've been back in Vienna for nearly a week - and this time, I think I have a greater appreciation for the city. Perhaps it's because I wasn't in Budapest just before? I arrived via Frankfurt Saturday morning, and decided I wasn't taking a taxi. What better way to stay awake than by figuring out public transport?! It was quite easy, once I finally figured out where the hotel actually was. The hotel itself is much better in quality than the one I stayed in last time, and certainly is a much better location!

I spent the day, as usual, walking around the city. This time I made sure to see Schönbrunn - which did not disappoint. The image on the left is of the Palm House and the gardens - the first of many gardens!

That night I was quite tired, so I went to bed fairly early, but not before checking out the "Bermuda Triangle" - pretty much the nightlife of the 1st district. It was great - everything was packed. I went to a small bar where a local musician was playing - fun!

The next day I woke up with some sore feet. I had only brought my dress shoes on this trip, and had worn them all day Saturday....foolishness! My co-worker arrived, and we went back to Schonnbrun, then of course over to visit St. Stephens Cathedral...and back up the 343 stairs! Towards the end of the day I felt I needed a wheelchair if I was going to walk anymore - so it was back to the hotel, dinner, then bed! Well, I had to prepare for the training, so I may not have gotten to bed until 2:30am..:)

The rest of the week has basically been work, but some good restaurants at night occasionally with the customers. The food really has been good, as well as the wine!

I fly tomorrow morning to Heathrow, but I didn't want to stay in England this time. I've seen London a fair amount - so I was searching for somewhere else to go. I called Air Canada to see where they could get me on points, and it turns out that it's only 20k points to travel within Europe! As I have 3 nights and 4 days less the flights, I didn't want to go to far (though Moscow was tempting!), I decided that the direct flight to Portugal was best. So off to Portugal tomorrow - it should be great! I found a great deal at a nice hotel by the Design Hotels group. I booked there for 2 nights, leaving the 3rd night open depending on if I decide to head to the south coast. Should be fun!

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