Thursday, February 26, 2009

Insane March

I'm just putting together my travel itinerary for March - it looks like it's going to be pretty insane.  I've traveled extensively in the past, but this is probably going to be the most air miles in one trip!

Mar 4:  Fly to Columbus
Mar 7:  Return to Toronto
Mar 9:  Fly from Toronto to Heathrow, connecting in Chicago
Mar 10:  Fly Heathrow to Amsterdam
Mar 12:  Fly Amsterdam to Heathrow
Mar 13:  Fly Heathrow to Singapore
Mar 20:  Fly Singapore to Bangkok
Mar 30:  Fly Bangkok to Singapore
Mar 30:  Fly Singapore to Heathrow
Mar 31:  Fly Heathrow to Toronto (through Chicago)
Apr 1:  Fly Toronto to Hartford
Apr 3:  Fly Hartford to Toronto

What is interesting is just how easy it is really to book everything at a relatively good price, without taking much time using the net these days.  I'm going to log a little over 50 hours in the air - fortunately over 30 hours will be on Singapore Airlines.