Thursday, June 11, 2009

Aged News

What a great term - "aged news"! This clip from the Daily Show (after the napolean stuff) is awesome. New York Times lets them in to their offices for some hilarious commentary on the state of newspapers. The best part is when they challenge a managing editor to find one thing in there (newspaper) that happened today. Also hilarious is when the New York Times person references google as a news source (WOW).

I think the true challenge will be to preserve actual journalism through this migration in news delivery. Most online news sources are really commentary sites, rather than original journalism.

“In the two biggest stories of our recent time—the war in Iraq and our financial meltdown—investigative journalism did not fulfill its mission,” Huffington told me in an interview for the inaugural Guardian Media Talk USA podcast. “We all have a real stake in not only preserving what investigative journalism is but in making it better.”

What a great point - current journalism, well, generally sucks. So what, exactly, is worth saving? Or, as referenced in the same article, is it time to re-think what investigative/original journalism is and should really be?